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Heatmap of threatened plant species

The Red List Authority for plants of New Caledonia is progressing in the extinction risk assessment. Based on the 1,100 species of plants evaluated, this map highlights the areas of concentration of the most endangered species (CR and EN).

Exhibition "Critically Endangered"

From the 10th to the 31st of October, the photo exhibition "Danger Critique d'Extinction - A trip to the threatened flora of New Caledonia" is presented at the Bernheim library in Noumea. This photo exhibition is based on the voluntary contributions of 26 botanist-photographers who participate to the Endemia's large inventory of threatened flora of New Caledonia. A sample of 21 endemic species has been selected to illustrate a panorama of threatened plants.

Threatened plants Atlas of management comities

An atlas gathering the most threatened plants of the areas managed by local comities has been drafted for the 3rd Forum of Management Comities held in Poindimé in July 2017.

New-Caledonia Plants Red List: overview February 2017

Endemia has been mobilizing for the last 2 years a group of experts (the RLA) in order to assess the extinction risk of the New Caledonia flora. The team established in February 2017 an overview of the work carried since 2015.

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