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Soutenez Endemia à "Mon Projet pour la Planète !"

Endemia s'est associée au WWF pour répondre à l'appel à projets "Mon Projet pour la Planète", lancé par le Ministère de la Transition Ecologique et Solidaire.

Launch of an Herbonautes mission about endemic genera from New Caledonia !

Endemia recently partnered the Les Herbonautes program to launch on April 3rd, 2018 a mission about endemic genera from New Caledonia.

New-Caledonia Plants Red List: overview October 2017 and Municipalities restitution

Endemia has been mobilizing for the last 3 years a group of experts (the Red List Authority) in order to assess the extinction risk of the New Caledonia flora. The team established in February 2017 an overview of the work carried since 2015. To date, 1100 species (out of the 3,400 known species) have been treated, 42% of which were assessed are threatened. The 33 municipalities of New Caledonia all shelter an original and threatened floristic heritage. On the occasion of this synthesis, Endemia shares with 15 first municipalities the list of endangered species present on their territory and a simplified map.

Heatmap of threatened plant species

The Red List Authority for plants of New Caledonia is progressing in the extinction risk assessment. Based on the 1,100 species of plants evaluated, this map highlights the areas of concentration of the most endangered species (CR and EN).

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