"Tiger beetle fauna of New Caledonia comprises mostly endemic taxa included in the

following genera: Vata Fauvel, 1903, Manautea Deuve, 2006, and Caledonica Chaudoir,

1860. Apart from these genera, only two additional tiger beetles, Myriochila (Myriochila)

semicincta (Brullé, 1834) and recently reported Oceanella vitiensis (Blanchard, 1853) occur

in the archipelago (WIESNER 1991).

The most diverse genus is Caledonica. Adults of this genus are strictly tree trunk-dwelling

and therefore mostly dependent on forest biotopes. Just like other silvicolous Cicindelidae,

members of Caledonica are endangered by prospective deforestation and therefore their

presence could possibly be a good indicator of natural balance." (op.cit.)

Arnošt KUDRNA, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, Branišovská 31, CZ-370 05 􏰄eské Bud􏰅jovice, Czech Republic 

 in ACTA ENTOMOLOGICA MUSEI NATIONALIS PRAGAE Published 15.xi.2016 Volume 56(2), pp. 567–628

"Revision of the genus Caledonica (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae)"  

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