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"Body small (more robust in female), length 11.20 mm in male ; in female length 10.90–11.50 (holotype: 10.90) mm,  (holotype: 3.75) mm. Caledonica rivalieri is a very rare species. It was recognized as a separate species among the historical specimens identified as C. myrmidon deposited in MNHN (DEUVE 1981). The original description was based on two females which were the only existing specimens for a long time. They came from Baie de Prony situated on the southern tip of the main island (Grande Terre) covered with coastal forest. Recently two more female specimens were caught in forest of Mts. Koghis and single known male, collected in 1984 in Plaine des Lacs, became available for study."

(KUDRNA: A revision of the genus Caledonica (Cicindelidae), 2016)

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