Oxera nuda VirotOxera schimperi Vieill. ex Guillaumin

Red List Status -

Data Deficient (DD) , assessed in 08/09/2017

Protected species -

in Northern Province

Oxera baladica is a shrub or small monocaulous tree endemic to New Caledonia. Under current delimitation, this taxon is largely distributed in Grande Terre and Belep islands and occurs in low dense humid forest and shrubland on different substrates (ultramafic, volcano-sedimentary and calcareous rocks). Its extent of occurrence (EOO) and area of occupancy (AOO) are estimated at 200 and 11,090 km², respectively. However, due to taxonomic doubts, this species is considered Data Deficient (DD).

Geographical area

Under current delimitation, this endemic taxon of New Caledonia is largely distributed in Grande Terre and Belep islands.


Population size is unknown.


O. baladica occurs in dense humid forest and scrubland on various substrates (ultramafic, volcano-sedimentary and calcareous rocks) up to 500 m asl.


Potential threats are mining activities at Vulcain (SMGM), Poum (SLN) and Tiebaghi (SLN), Rusa deer (Rusa timorensis) in Koumac, Ouitchambo and Nessadiou and fires on the Belep islands, as well as low-altitude populations on the west coast).


This species is not protected by any legislation in New Caledonia and does not occur in any protected areas. This species is cultivated at the IAC (Institut Agronomique de Nouvelle-Calédonie) nursery of Saint-Louis with only a few number of individuals. Taxonomic studies are in progress to clarify this probable complex of species.

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Assessor(s): Gâteblé, G., Barrabé, L., Fleurot, D., Amice, R., Cazé, H., Bruy, D., Hequet, V., Vandrot, H., Butin, J., Mandaoué, L., Haverkamp, C., Dumontet, V., Laudereau, C.

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