Phelline indivisa (Baill.) Harms & Loes.


Phelline floribunda Baill.Schefflera floribunda Baill. ex Baum.-Bod.

Red List Status -

Data Deficient (DD) , assessed in 07/04/2017

Phelline indivisa is an endemic shrub of New Caledonia, which under current knowledge, is present in Grande Terre. It would be found in humid forest and shrubland at low to mid altitude. This taxon is insufficiently collected and it seems that it could be more widely distributed that what compiled observations show. P. indivisa is therefore assessed as Data Deficient (DD) for taxonomic and provenance reasons.

Geographical area

P. indivisa is endemic to New Caledonia, which under current knowledge, is known from Grande Terre.


Population size is unknown.


It would be found in humid forest and shrubland at low to mid altitude.


Phelline indivisa may be impacted by mining activities (Koniambo, mine St-Louis, Tontouta) and uncontrolled bushfires.


Unprotected by legislation, this species would occur in one protected area: Forêt Cachée. Taxonomic studies should be carried on to bring further taxonomic clarifications. Plus prospections are recommended in order to relocate individuals and collect recent materials.


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Assessor(s): Veillon, J., Amice, R., Bruy, D., Butin, J., Fleurot, D., Garnier, D., Gâteblé, G., Goxe, J., Suprin, B.

Reviewer(s): Pillon, Y.

Contributor(s): Barriera, G.

Facilitator(s): Maura, J., Warimavute, G., Tanguy, V.

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