Crossosperma velutina (Guillaumin) T.G.Hartley


Melicope velutina Guillaumin

Red List Status -

Data Deficient (DD) , assessed in 02/05/2019

Protected species -

in Northern Province

Crossosperma velutina is an endemic tree (3-15 m high) of Grande Terre in New Caledonia. It is found in altitudinal vegetation, forest on volcano-sedimentary substrate in the north and on ultramafic in the south between 20-700 m asl. This taxa seems genetically different between the north and south populations and genetics studies are planned to confirm this taxonomic issues. Waiting for taxonomic clarifications, Crossosperma velutina is considered as Data Deficient (DD), due to taxonomic doubts.

Geographical area

Crossosperma velutina is an endemic tree of Grande Terre in New Caledonia with a discontinious distribution in the south (from Forêt Nord to Rivière Bleue) and in the north east (from Mandjelia et col d'Amoss).


Population size is unknown.


It is found in humid forest on volcano-sedimentary substrate in the north east and on ultramafic in the south at an altitude range of 150-700 m asl.


This species may be threatened by bushfires at col d'Amoss.


Unprotected species by legislation, Crossosperma velutina is found in two protected areas : Foret Nord, Rivière bleue. Taxonomic studies are recommended to confirm the two taxa. This species is subject to a conservation plan program at VALE NC and some plants have been tranfered to Parc de la Rivière Bleue and Pic du Grand Kaori.

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Assessor(s): Amice, R., Butin, J., Cazé, H., Garnier, D., McCoy, S., Veillon, J., Gâteblé, G., Fleurot, D., Laudereau, C., Suprin, B., Héquet, V., Bruy, D., Vandrot, H.

Reviewer(s): Lannuzel, G.

Facilitator(s): Meyer, S., Warimavute, G.

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