Pycnandra bracteolata Swenson & Munzinger

Red List Status -

Near Threatened (NT) , assessed in 10/05/2016

Pycnandra bracteolata is an endemic tree of New Caledonia, restricted to the north-eastern part of Grande Terre, from Mont Colnett to Roches Ouaïème. It is found in dense humid forest at mid-altitude (670-980 m asl.) on volcano-sedimentary substrates. Uncontrolled bushfires constitute a potential threat at lower end of its altitudinal range. Pycnandra bracteolata is considered Near Threatened (NT) close to Vulnerable under criterion B.

Geographical area

Pycnandra bracteolata is endemic tree restricted to the northeast of Grande Terre, from Mount Colnett to Roches Ouaïème.


It is known from three subpopulations: Mont Colnett, Mont Panié, Roches Ouaïème.


This species is found in dense humid forest at mid-altitude (670-980 m asl.) on volcano-sedimentary substrate.


Some of the lowest subpopulations may be threatened by bushfires.


Unprotected by legislation, this species is found in one protected area : Mont Panié.


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Assessor(s): Amice, R., Dumontet, V., Fleurot, D., Vandrot, H., Veillon, J.

Reviewer(s): Gâteblé, G.

Contributor(s): Munzinger, J., Swenson, U.

Facilitator(s): Tanguy, V.

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