Plerandra elongata (Baill.) Lowry, G.M.Plunkett & Frodin

Red List Status -

Near Threatened (NT) , assessed in 10/12/2014

Plerandra elongata is an endemic tree of New Caledonia occurring in dense humid forest on ultramafic substrate. It is restricted to the Massif du Sud at an altitudinal range 50-1,000 m. While mining activities heavily impact the vegetation on ultramafic soils, most of the subpopulations of this species are not situated on mining concessions. The threats to Plerandra elongata are more likely to be linked to habitat degradation due to uncontrolled fires and invasive species. Population size reduction cannot be assessed because of a lack of data. Its area of occupancy (AOO) and extent of occurrence (EOO) are respectively 72 km² and 1,829 km². The number of locations, based on fire as the main threat, is estimated to be 14. A continuing decline of the quality of habitat is projected. Using criteria B, P. elongata qualifies as Near Threatened (NT) close to Vulnerable (VU) B1ab(iii)&2ab(iii). Population size of mature individuals is unknown.

Geographical area

Plerandra elongata is an endemic tree of New Caledonia restricted to the Massif du Grand-Sud from Thio to Yaté.


Population size is unknown.


Plerandra elongata is found in dense humid montane forest on ultramafic substrate, at an altitudinal range of 800-1000 m and rarely found in low altitudinal range (50 m)


The main threat identified is linked to habitat degradation and reduction due to uncontrolled fires that sweep across lowlands of New Caledonia each year, especially during the dry season (an average of 20,000 ha of land is burnt each year, with dramatic peaks of 70,000 ha). They contribute to habitat fragmentation and may slowly burn the edge of dense humid forest.


Plerandra elongata occurs in three protected areas (Réserve naturelle de la forêt de Saille, Réserve intégrale de la Montagne des Sources, Parc Provincial de la Rivière Bleue).Dense humid forests are a patrominial ecosystem protected by the Code de l'Environnement of Province Sud.


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Assessor(s): Tanguy, V.

Reviewer(s): Schatz, G.

Contributor(s): Garnier, D., Barrabé, L., Birnbaum, P., Gâteblé, G., Anquez, M., Amice, R., Vandrot, H., Butin, J., Cazé, H., Lowry, P., Fleurot, D.

Facilitator(s): Schatz, G.

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