Plerandra tronchetii Lowry & G.M.Plunkett, ined.

Red List Status -

Vulnerable (VU) , assessed in 20/02/2015

Plerandra tronchetii is an endemic tree of New Caledonia restricted to a single forest located on the Roches de la Ouaïème. This species occurs in a mostly undisturbed forest patch that does not currently seem to be subject to threats (in 2015). However, monitoring of the situation (impact of bushfires and Rusa rusa deer (Rusa timorensis)) is highly recommended as this microendemic species is Vulnerable (VU D2) because of its tiny area of occupancy (AOO) and the possibility that rusa deer (Rusa timorensis) and/or fire could rapidly drive the species to CR or even EX.

Geographical area

Plerandra tronchetii is a micro-endemic tree of New Caledonia restricted to a single forest located in Hienghène above the Roches de la Ouaïème.


Population size is unknown.


Plerandra tronchetii occurs in dense humid forest on volcano-sedimentary substrate on an altitudinal range 670-740 m asl.


No obvious threat has been directly observed on this species. It occurs inside a forest patch which does not seem disturbed. Indeed, bushfires can be a threat affecting mainly the forest boundaries and there is no visible impact of Rusa Deer. It is recommended to monitor the situation because an evolution of those threats could rapidly affect this micro-endemic species.


Plerandra tronchetii is not protected by local legislation and does not occur in a formal protected area.


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Assessor(s): Tanguy, V.

Reviewer(s): Schatz, G.

Contributor(s): McCoy, S., Lowry, P., Isnard, S., Cazé, H., Tron, F., Wulff, A.

Facilitator(s): Schatz, G.

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