Phelline wagapensis var. gracilior Loes.

Red List Status -

Vulnerable (VU) , assessed in 07/04/2017

Phelline gracilior is a newly described, endemic shrub or tree of New Caledonia, restricted in the north west massifs of Grande Terre. It is found in humid forest and shrubland on ultramafic substrate from 50 to 600 m asl. The main threats identified are mining activities and uncontrolled bushfires. Population size is unknown. It has an area of occupancy (AOO) and extent of occurrence (EOO) respectively equal to 44 and 1,447 km² with six estimated locations. Therefore, P. gracilior is listed as Vulnerable (VU) under criteria B1ab(ii,iii,v)+2ab(ii,iii,v), with a continuing decline of all concerned sub-criteria.

Geographical area

P. gracilior is endemic to New Caledonia, where it is restricted in the north western massifs of Grande Terre, from Boulinda to Poum.


Population size is unknown but its number of subpopulations is estimated to be six (Boulinda, Tiéa, Koniambo-Katépahié, Kaala, Tiébaghi and Poum).


P. gracilior occurs in humid forest and shrubland on ultramafic substrate from 50 to 600 m asl.


The main impact identified may come from mining activites (Tiebaghi (SLN) and bushfires.


Unprotected by legislation, P. gracilior does not occur in any protected areas. This species would benefit from ex situ and in situ emergency conservation actions. It is proposed to ensure the follow-up of known subpopulations, to preserve a viable population on delimited perimeters on the mining area. Plus, local authority responsible for the coordination of the firefighting effort should also be informed about the presence of the species in the concerned areas. And prospection on other northwestern massifs is also needeed.


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Assessor(s): Veillon, J., Amice, R., Bruy, D., Butin, J., Fleurot, D., Garnier, D., Gâteblé, G., Goxe, J., Suprin, B.

Reviewer(s): Pillon, Y.

Facilitator(s): Warimavute, G., Tanguy, V., Maura, J.

Geographical distribution