Geastrum velutinum Morgan 1895

Red List Status -


Exoperidium: white or off white; breaking in to 5 - 8 rays, somewhat recurved; not trapping debris; 30 - 60 mm diameter; rays flesh coloured to pale pink when fresh.

Stipe: absent; attached by a rhizomorph.

Endoperidium: ovoid to globose; sessile; 15 - 25 mm; tomentose, minutely felty; pale brown or pale tan

Peristome: small, fibrous; concolorous with endoperidium or slightly darker.  

Flesh: medium.

Spore print: brown ochraceous.


Notes: this earthstar is recognised by its relative large size, sessile endoperidium, failure to trap litter and small peristome.

Patrick Leonard 2019

Geographical distribution