Schizostoma laceratum (Ehrenb. ex Fr.) Lév. 1846

Red List Status -


Fruiting body: hemispherical with a flat base; 10 – 15 mm tall, 20 – 25 mm wide; scurfy from attached sand and litter, pitted; white; dehiscing at base but endoperidium persisting as an appendiculate like margin.

Stipe: cylindrical; 60 - 100 ×4 - 6 mm; twisted towards base; scurfy with irregular appressed scales; whitish with brown to reddish-brown scales; apex inserted in to a socket in the peridium.

Gleba(spore mass): brown to purplish-brown; chambered; opening at the base.


Notes: this fungus is recognised by its white hemispherical peridium, very tall scurfy scaly stipe which is inserted in to a tube in the peridium. The stipe insertion is associated with genus Schizostoma but this collection has points of difference with S. laceratum in its colour, method of dehiscing and habitat. Further information, including spore details,is required to make a firm diagnosis.

Patrick Leonard 2019

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