Trametes modesta (Kunze ex Fr.) Ryvarden 1972

Red List Status -


Cap: semicircular or reniform, laterally attached; 20  – 30 mm diameter; finely tomentose or glabrous; zoned in alternate bands of mid and pale pinkish brown with a white outer zone.

Stipe: laterally attached, more or less oval in cross section; 3 – 8 × 3 × 10 mm; glabrous; white or cream; broadening at point of attachment.

Pores:  cream or white; round; very small, 7 – 10 per mm; 1 - 1.2mm deep.

Flesh: thin, 5 mm; cream; strongly dextrinoid.

Spore print: hyaline.


Notes: This fungus is difficult to identify like most species of Trametes.

Patrick Leonard 2019

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