Red List Status -


Fruiting body: branched with single base; 30– 50 mm tall, 20 – 30 mm wide; glabrous, matt; branch tips multiple, cauliflower like; pale brown with a pale cream tip; opaque.

Stipe:, tapering; 5 – 12 × 4 – 10 mm; pale brown.

Flesh: firm, white.

Spore print: white.


Notes: this fungus is characterized by pale brown colours and cream cauliflower like branch tips. Ramaria species are difficult to resolve, even with full microscopic details. The overall appearance resembles R. zipellii but sequencing data while confirming Ramaria does not place it close to R. zipellii. Probably undescribed.


Usually growing in soil in sclerophyll forest.


NC 250519, Foret des Geants, Patrick Leonard, 26 May 2019.


Patrick Leonard text 2019

Jerry Cooper sequencing 2020

Geographical distribution