Amauroderma rude (Berk.) G.H. Cunnungham

Red List Status -


Cap: applanate to centrally depressed, but usually strongly irregular; 60 - 120 mms diameter; strongly zoned in different shades of brown, darker at center, with a cream outer ring.  

Stipe: central or eccentric, cylindrical but irregular and usually attenuated towards the base; 200 × 10 - 20 mms; dark brown, velvety to felty, attached to roots or wood.

Pores: subdecurrent, 2 - 4 per mm; white to cream; bruising red; turned brown by the spores.

Flesh: thick and woody, pale brown staining vinaceous on bruising then slowly black.

Spore print: brown.


Notes: this fungus can be recognized by its woody brown-zoned cap, attachment to buried wood and red brown staining of the pores when damaged.

Geographical distribution