Amparoina spinosissima (Singer) Singer

Red List Status -


Cap: convex; 2 – 12 mm diameter; dry; with erect pyramidal spines; white; dentate margin.

Stipe: cylindrical; 5 - 15 × 0.5 - 1 mm; hyaline, transluscent; attached to substrate by a distinct white mycelial pad.

Gills: free; moderately crowded; white.

Flesh: thin, white.

Spore print: white.

Spores: ellipsoid; 8 – 10 × 5 – 6; weakly amyloid.

Notes: this Mycena is characterized by is white cap with distinctive erect pyramidal spines and a hyaline stipe with a white basal pad. It is in section Sacchariferae. Desjardin describes it without a basal disc so this collection might be an undescribed species.

Geographical distribution