Boletus phytolaccae E. Horak

Red List Status -


Pileus:convex; 35-40 mms diameter; velutinous; deep purple; margin not appendiculate.

Stipe: cylindrical to clavate; 30 - 50 ×5-8 mm;glabrous; uniformly red orred at apex and yellow below.

Pores: emarginate (depressed about the stipe); oval; 1 per mm; yellow; blueing on bruising.

Flesh:wine red in the stipe, blueing strongly in the cap above the pores.

Spore print: brown

Spores: fusoid;8– 11.5 × 3 – 4 µm; smooth.

Notes: this collection fits Horak’s description of a small pink Bolete with small ovoid spores.

Patricl Leonard 2019

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