Cortinarius badioferrugineus Horak, Peintner, Moser & Vilgalys

Red List Status -


Pileus: hemispheric to convex; 60 – 90 mm diameter; fibrillose and glutinous at first, becoming dry; datebrown, dark brown chestnut brown; margin inrolled becoming upturned at maturity.

Stipe: cylindrical to slightly clavate; 60-110 × 10-12 mm; fibrillose; dry; yellow brown to ochre with small squamules from the veil.

Gills: adnate to adnexed; brown to rusty brown; margin dentate.

Flesh: brown beneath cuticle and at stipe margin.

Spore print:rusty brown.

Spores: ovoid; 12.5 – 15 × 8 – 9.5 µm; with small warts

Notes: this Cortinarius is one of a species complex with violaceous tones that are difficult to separate. It is likely to be a new species.

Patrick Leonard 2019

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