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Cap: cap deeply funnel-shaped; 50–250 mm; finely tomentose; radially folded, velvety to hairy when young, but may become almost smooth and wrinkled with age; margin wavy and scalloped to ragged; buff, tan, grey, to lilac, often becoming paler towards edge, lilac tints common in fresh fungi particularly at edge.

Stipe: cylindrical and centrally attached; 50–200 × 5– 30 mm; finely velvety to hairy, may become nearly smooth with age; buff or tan; very young specimens may have a very thick stem that merges into the flesh of the upper-surface.

Lower surface: smooth, but irregular; cream, grey to ochre, sometimes with a lilac tint.

Flesh: tough and leathery, pale brown.

Spore print: white.


Notes: this species is characterised by thin goblet shaped fruiting body and a smooth lower surface. It grows on wood. A common species in the neotropics.

Patrick Leonard 2019

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