Colus hirudinosus Cavalier & Séchier (1835)

Red List Status -


Egg: white or grey; to 25 mm diameter; smooth skinned, white rhizomorphs at the base.

Fruit body: an open network of joined arms to make a cage-like structure; this net suddenly changes to a much tighter mesh at the top of the cage;to 70 mm high and 20 mm wide; with 3 – 7 arms, united at the base to form the stipe. Surface wrinkled across the width of the arm,colour pale pink, orange or bright red.

Stipe: very short, broad, hollow; up to 15 × 12 mm; slightly wrinkled surfaceand pale orange to red in colour; made up of joined.

Gleba (Spore mass): purplish or olive-brown, thick and slimy;carried on the underside of the upper mesh and on the inner side of the arms below.

Flesh: cellular, spongy.

Smell: foetid, fishy.

Spore print: olivaceous brown.


Notes: this cage fungus is recognised by its pink wrinkled arms which form a open mesh at the base but with much smaller tighter meshes at the apex.

Geographical distribution