Ileodictyon garnierii sp. nov. ined.

Red List Status -


Fruit body: emerald green, open-lattice cage; 60 - 150 mm diameter; often detaching from the volva upon full maturity; the arms are joined to create a cage-like structure with oval egg-shaped spaces in the net; the outer surface is typically wrinkled and may have a groove, the inner surface is usually more roughly corrugated across the width. Internally the arms consist of  thick walled tubes.

Egg: dingy white, up to 30 mm diameter, with white rhizomorphs at the

base. The egg remnants become a whitish volva as the fruiting body emerges, however, the receptacle often detaches itself and may be carried by the wind for some

distance from its place of origin.

Stipe: absent.

Flesh:  brittle and spongy.

Gleba (Spore mass): olive-brown or sage-green, thick and slimy, carried on the inner surface of the arms.

Smell: foetid, of rotting meat or faeces, and “faint, smelling of cheese”.


Notes: this cage fungus is recognised by its form and emerald green colours. So far only known from New Caledonia.

Patrick Leonard 2019

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