Marasmius aurantiobasalis Desjardin & E. Horak

Red List Status -


Pileus: convex becoming planoconvex;3 –6 mm diameter; glabrous; pale reddish brown; margin plicate.

Stipe:cylindrical; 25 –35× 0.3 –0.6 mm; finely hispid;pale brown.

Gills: adnexed; subdistant; white; with lamellulae in two series..

Flesh: thin; white.

Smell: not distinctive.

Spore print: white.

Spores: ellipsoid; 5.5 – 8 × 2.5 – 3 µm.

Notes: this tall pale reddish brown fungus grows in litter, the pale brown stipe isfinely hispid throughout. There are no recent records.

Geographical distribution