Hydnum crocidens Cooke, Grevillea (1890)

Red List Status -


Pileus: applanate to centrally depressed; 10 - 40 mm diameter;dry; velutinous; white, cream or dark brown in varbadius.

Stipe :cylindrical; 13 - 30 × 2–4mm; pruinose; dry; white.

Spines: adnate; moderately crowded; pale creamy white; 2 – 4 mm long; 15 ° out of perpendicular.

Flesh: firm, white.

Spore print: white.

Spores: subglobose; 6.8 – 8.2 × 6 – 7.5 µm; thin walled.

Notes: this species is recognized by the combination of its colours and decurrent spines. It is difficult to distinguish from H. repandum, the main differences being its smaller stature and subglobose spores. Recent phylogenetic analysis has confirmed this as a good species.

Patrick Leonard 2019

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