Entoloma quadratum (Berk. & M.A.Curtis) E.Horak (1976)

Red List Status -


Pileus: conical to campanulate with a distinct papilla; up to 60 mm diameter; glabrous becoming rimose fibrillose; striate; dry; orange brown to orange yellow.

Stipe: cylindrical, hollow; 60 – 110 × 3 – 6 mm; often twisted; fibrillose striate; orange brown.

Gills: adnexed to almost free; crowded; apricot orange turning pink; fimbriate edge.

Flesh: orange to salmon.

Spore print: pink.                       

Spores:cuboid; 7 – 10 µm.

Notes: an orange brown Entoloma with cuboid spores and a tall stem.

Patrick Leonard 2019

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