Austroboletus sp 1 ined. Text Patrick Leonard 2019

Red List Status -


Pileus: conical; 45 mm diameter; dry, areolate; brown breaking up to reveal white flesh beneath; margin appendiculate.

Stipe: cylindrical; 76 × 12 – 15 mm; lacunose, reticulum more pronounced on lower half; brown reticulum over white surface.

Pores: emarginate, white becoming pink.

Flesh: white, unchanging.

Spore print: very pale pink.

Spores: broadly fusoid with an ornamented central band ; 12 – 16 × 7 – 10 µm; Q = 1.82 Notes: the combination of a conical areolate cap with a brown lacunose stipe may be  sufficient to recognise this species in the field.

Geographical distribution