Beenakia sp 1 ined. Text Patrick Leonard 2019

Red List Status -


Pileus: infundibuliform, divided; 20 – 45 mm diameter; fibrillose to almost glabrous shiny;pale clay pink with a red brown centre; margin serrate.

Stipe: irregular, branching, often eccentric; 10 - 25 ×4 - 7 mm; glabrous, shiny; dark reddish brown.

Spines: decurrent; crowded; white; tapering, 4 – 5 mm long.

Spore print:


Notes: this fungus is recognised by its pale clay pink cap with a reddish brown centre, dark reddish brown stipe and white decurrent spines. It does not fit any of the descriptions given by Reid or Maas Geesteranus for toothed fungi..

Geographical distribution