Beenakia sp 2 ined. Text Patrick Leonard 2019

Red List Status -


Pileus: infundibuliform, umbilicate; 20 – 45 mm diameter; fibrillosewith some erect hairs in the centre, matt;pale buff with a yellow brown centre; margin scalloped.

Stipe: cylindrical; 10 - 22 ×4 - 6 mm; pubescent, matt; dark reddish brown.

Spines: decurrent; crowded; white; tapering, 4 – 5 mm long.

Spore print:


Notes: this fungus is recognisedby its pale buff infundibuliform cap with a yellowish browncentre, dark reddish brown pubescent stipe and white decurrent spines. It does not fit any of the descriptions given by Reid or Maas Geesteranus for toothed fungi..

Patrick Leonard 2019

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