Zieridium pseudoobtusifolium (Guillaumin) GuillauminZieridium melicopaefolium Guillaumin

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Description Générale

Shrub or tree 0.5-10 m high, dioecious, monoecious, or rarely polygamous (with male, female, and male-female flowers about equal in number); oil glands comparatively inconspicuous. Young branchlets glabrous to puberulent; terminal bud nearly glabrous to pubescent.

Répartition en Nouvelle-Calédonie

Grande-Terre, Île des Pins, et Loyauté (incluant Walpole, à environ 140 km SSE de Maré).


Leaves trifoliolate and/or 1-bladed (unifoliolate and/or simple), 1.5-14 cm long; petiole glabrous to puberulent, exalate or alate (wings up to 0.5 mm wide on each side), 0.1-5 cm long; petiolules obsolete or up to 6 mm long; blades glabrous or nearly so, suborbicular to ovate, elliptic or narrowly so, obovate, oblanceolate, spatulate, or linear, 0.4-11 x 0.15-6 cm, base rounded to obtuse, acute, cuneate, or attenuate, margin irregularly crenulate or entire, apex rounded to obtuse or acuminate, usually retuse, secondary veins prominulous to obscure above, 4-12 per side.

Phénologie (Fleur)

Inflorescences glabrous to puberulent 1- to many-flowered, 0.24-8 cm long, up to 3 cm wide; pedicels 0.5-4 mm long (1.5-4.5 mm long in fruit). Flowers male, female, or rarely male-female; sepals glabrous to sparsely puberulent abaxially, 0.4-1 mm long; petals green to white or yellow or pink, glabrous or nearly so, 1.5-2 mm long, usually deciduous in fruit; stamens 4, in male and male-female flowers 0.6-1.5 mm long, 0.3-1 mm long in female flowers, filaments pilosulose or sparsely so adaxially or glabrous, anthers 0.15-0.4 mm long; gynoecium in female and male-female flowers 0.7-1.5 mm long (0.3-0.75 mm long in female flowers), ovaries glabrous to pubescent, 1-ovuled, style glabrous, including stigma 0.4-1 mm long.


Drupes at maturity white to yellow or pinkish white, glabrous or nearly so (abortive carpels glabrous to pubescent), 3-5 mm long, rarely beaked. Seeds solitary, 2.5-4 mm long.


Syn. Euodia pseudo-obtusifolia Guillaumin, Zieridium pseudo-obtusifolium (Guillaumin) Guillaumin, Zieridum melicopifolium Guillaumin, Zieridum melicopaefolium Guillaumin.
Picrella trifoliata is widely and ± continuously variable, particularly in the distribution of indumentum, the complexity, size, and shape of leaves, and the complexity and size of inflorescences. Three variants seem to warrant formal recognition.

Répartition géographique