Microsemma ciliaris (Baill.) GuillauminPhyllanthus ciliaris Baill.

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Forêts denses humides (F)

Notes (from Z.S.Rogers) : 

Lethedon ciliaris, based on a type with only one available mature fruit from the northeast of New Caledonia, is tenatively retained. The type and a sterile nearby collection (Vieillard 905) may be unusual for species as the pubescence on the abaxial surfaces of the leaf blade is less dense compared to the other populations found much further south. It is also possible that the Southern populations belong to a closely related, possibly unnamed, species. Another probably closely related species, L. cordatoretusa, differs most obviously by the thick-coriaceous usually smaller leaves with a coarser scabrous abaxial pubescence (vs. chartaceous and usually softer abaxial pubescence in L. ciliaris). The two species also have non-overlapping distributions. Leaves of L. ciliaris also look rather like those found in the widespread coastal species L. salicifolia. Further analysis is needed to confirm if the variation in these taxa is discrete, or continuous and overlapping.

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