Microsemma oblonga Schltr.

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Forêts denses humides, maquis (FM)


Microsemma oblonga Schltr.

Notes (From Z.S. Rogers) : 

Lethedon oblonga occurs in the southernmost portion of the island (Massif du Sud) from near sea-level to about 400 m elevation.

Plants of Lethedon oblonga often exhibits shoot dimorphism - the more recent growth has leaves with smaller, more acute or acuminate apices, and more cordate bases, whereas shoots gathered closer to the base of the plant have leaves that are larger, with obtuse, rounded, or emarginate apices, and that are more truncate, cuneate, or obtuse at the base (e.g., MacKee 27131, MO! vs. P!) [SEE IMAGES ON TROPICOS]. The basionym Microsemma calleana Guillaumin, most recently recognized under its recombination Lethedon calleana (Guillaumin) Kosterm., was based on Franc 1600A, which consisted mostly of specimens with the larger leaf form gathered from basal shoots. Lethedon calleana is treated here as a new synonym of L. oblonga.


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