Moderately small sized geckos. The head has unusual large and flattened anterior headshields, and a partial or complete groove between the jaw and ear opening. The mouth is distinctly yellow inside. The digits are moderately long with expanded pads underneath, and the claw of the digit arising from the anterior end of each pad. Between the digits webbing is lacking, or only rudimentary. The tail is moderately long, ranging from just shorter to just longer than the body length, and is covered by numerous small similar sized scales, and can squirt fine streams of a sticky liquid when distressed.



The genus Eurydactylodes is endemic to New Caledonia.


Included species:

Eurydactylodes agricole Henkel & Bohme, 2003: 152.

Eurydactylodes symmetricus (Andersson), 1908.

Eurydactylodes vieillardi (Bavay), 1869.


Current research (Bauer et al., in press) indicates that another species is to be described.

Geographical distribution