Caledoniscincus notialis Sadlier, Smith, Bauer & Jackman, 2013

Common name :

Scinque de litière du Sud

Red List Status -

Near Threatened (NT) , assessed in 11/12/2017

Protected species -

in Southern Province , in Northern Province

Caledoniscincus notialis is listed as Near Threatened close to Vulnerable with criteria B1ab(iii)+2ab(iii) with a decline of habitat quality and a number of locations close to 10. It seems to be the most widespread species in Province Sud and it is not seriously threatened.

Geographical area

Caledoniscincus notialis is endemic to Province Sud in New Caledonia, in scattered localities from Goro Plateau to Pic Ningua. The extent of occurrence (EOO) is estimated at 2,399 km2 and the area of occupancy (AOO) at 128 km2.


There is no information on population size or trends but it seems to be the most widespread species in Province Sud.


This species has been recorded primarily from humid forest and tall-canopied maquis habitat across a broad altitudinal range on ultramafic substrates. On the Goro Plateau the species occurs in the patches of humid forest  and tall-canopied maquis paraforestier and maquis préforestier habitat scattered across the landscape, and also from adjacent low-canopied maquis arbustif, but only rarely in open habitats.


Even though it may be locally impacted by bushfires, mining industry or invasive species, this species is not seriously threatened on its whole range.


This species is protected in Province Nord under Code de l'environnement de la Province Nord (Délibération No. 306-2008/APN, 24 October 2008) and in Province Sud under Code de l'environnement de la Province Sud (Délibération No. 25-2009/APS, 20 March 2009). This species is known from a few protected areas (Mont Humboldt, Chutes de la Madeleine, Barrage de Yaté, Parc Provincial de la Rivière Bleue, Forêt Nord).


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Assessor(s): Sadlier, R., Bauer, A., Jourdan, H., Astrongatt, S., Deuss, M., Duval, T., Bourguet, E., McCoy, S., Bouteiller, A., Lagrange, A.

Reviewer(s): Cox, N.

Contributor(s): Cassan, J., Butin, J., Jumel, M., Fleurot, D.

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