Cyphophoenix alba (H.E.Moore) Pintaud & W.J.Baker


Veillonia alba H.E.Moore

Red List Status -

Least Concern (LC) , assessed in 30/09/2016

Protected species -

in Northern Province

Cyphophoenix alba is a solitary, understory to sub-canopy tree palm. It is a common species in northeast Grande Terre in New Caledonia. Cyphophoenix alba occurs in humid forest on soils derived from schistose rocks from 10-700 m asl. With an extent of occurrence (EOO) and area of occupancy (AOO) respectively equal to 606 and 72 km² and due to the fact that it is locally abundant with a good regeneration, C. alba is considered as Least Concern(LC).

Geographical area

Cyphophoenix alba is an endemic palm tree that is common in northeast Grande Terre in New Caledonia.


Population size is not precisely known but census report of the population is that the population is locally abundant.


Cyphophoenix alba occurs in humid forest on soils derived from schistose rocks from 10-700m asl.


The species does not seem to be threatened although some sub-populations may be impacted by invasive species : seed and seedlings destruction by rats and rusa deer (Rusa timorensis), habitat damage by pigs.


Cyphophoenix alba is protected by legislation in Province Nord. Cyphophoenix alba occurs in one protected area: Mont Panié.


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Assessor(s): Amice, R., Canel, J., Ugolini, D., Butin, J., Fleurot, D., Garnier, D., Garnier, D., Goxe, J., Henry, B., Lespes, A., Letocart, D., Letocart, I., Mercier, B., Tiavouane, J., Veillon, J., Warimavute, G.

Reviewer(s): Tanguy, V.

Facilitator(s): Tanguy, V., Warimavute, G., Maura, J.

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