Eucarpha strobilina (Labill.) comb. nov. ined.

Red List Status -

Least Concern (LC) , assessed in 24/10/2019

Eucarpha strobilina is an endemic growing up to 10 m high from New Caledonia, with a very scattered distribution across the Grande Terre, from the south to the north east. This species occurs in mesophilus forest on volcano-sedimentary substrates, from 400 to 1,000 m asl. E. strobilina is a forest species and it is probably more largely distributed than its current distribution (it can be unnoticed (Virot, 1968)). Despite having an Area of Occupancy (AOO) and an Extent of Occurrence (EOO) equal to 64 and 2,233 km², E. strobilina has no apparent threat and is not thought to approach the requirements for listing as threatened. It is listed as Least Concern (LC).

Geographical area

Eucarpha strobilina is endemic to New Caledonia where it is largely distributed across Grande Terre.


Population size is not known. Based on field observations, the species is quite common in forest habitats.


Eucarpha strobilina occurs in dense humid forest and mesophylllis forests on volcano-sedimentary susbstrates at an altitudinal range of 400 to 1,000 asl.


This species does not seem threatened although some subpopulations may be threatened Rusa deer (Rusa timorensis) and feral pigs (Sus scrofa).


Eucarpha strobilina is not protected by legislation in New Caledonia and it does not occur in any protected areas.


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Assessor(s): Amice, R., Bruy, D., Butin, J., Cazé, H., Fleurot, D., Héquet, V., Lannuzel, G., Laudereau, C., Mandaoué, L., Vandrot, H.

Reviewer(s): Veillon, J.

Facilitator(s): Meyer, S., Pillon, Y., Warimavute, G.

Geographical distribution