Red List Status -

Data Deficient (DD) , assessed in 27/04/2015

This species was briefly described on the basis of two collects (MacKee, 27839; Schmid, 2814), which seem conspecific. Only known from two stations, this distinct species from other caledonian species of genus Hibbertia should be subject to further examination. Considering this taxonomic problem, Hibbertia sp. is assigned a status of Data Deficient(DD).

Geographical area

Hibbertia sp. is an endemic tree only known from two stations in the south of the main island : Baie de yesnné and Mont Ninga.


Population size is unknown.


Hibbertia sp. is found in dense shrubland at an altitudinal range 600-700 asl.


For the population located on Mount Ninga, the threat comes from mining activities.


This species is not protected by local legislation and does not occur in any protected area. In terms of prospection, it recommended to follow the indications given by the experts Lowry and Munzinger.

Bibliography 2016. Faune et Flore de Nouvelle-Calédonie.

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Assessor(s): Veillon, J., Amice, R., Butin, J., Cazé, H., Garnier, D., Lannuzel, G., Leborgne, T., McCoy, S.

Reviewer(s): Tanguy, V.

Facilitator(s): Chanfreau, S.

Geographical distribution