Gynopogon torqueatum Baill.

Red List Status -

Not Evaluated (NE) , assessed in 19/02/2016

Protected species -

in Northern Province

Alyxia torqueata is an endemic liana or small tree spread discontinuously on the west coast of Grande Terre in New Caledonia. This species is known of three sub-populations (Poya, Bourail, Mont Mou). It is found in dense humid and sclerophyllous forests on various substrates at an altitudinal range 40-470 m asl. Past mining activities may have impacted one subpopulation (Poya).


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Assessor(s): Tanguy, V., Veillon, J., Bruy, D., Dubreuil, M., Dumontet, V., Fleurot, D., Garnier, D., Lagrange, A., Lannuzel, G.

Reviewer(s): Amice, R.

Contributor(s): Wulff, A.

Facilitator(s): Chanfreau, S., Tanguy, V.

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