Maba vieillardii HiernDiospyros neocaledonica Kosterm.

Red List Status -

Not Evaluated (NE) , assessed in 08/12/2016

Protected species -

in Northern Province

This species is now a synonimie of vieillardii based on Schatz, G. E. & Lowry II, P. P. (2018) Candollea 73, 91-100. So please can you remove the species. I did the changes in the data occurrences submitted in the Shapefile.

Geographical area

From herbarium material, this taxa is known of one area (Aoupinie).


Population size is unknown.


It is found in humid forest.


Threats are unknown.


This species is protected by legislation in Province Nord but not in Province Sud and it is known of one protected area (Aoupinié). It is recommended to bring taxonomic clarifications (launched by Pete Lowry and George Schatz).

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Assessor(s): Schatz, G., Amice, R., Bruy, D., Butin, J., Cazé, H., Dumontet, V., Fleurot, D., Garnier, D., Héquet, V., Lowry, P., Suprin, B., Tanguy, V., Vandrot, H., Veillon, J.

Reviewer(s): Maura, J.

Facilitator(s): Tanguy, V., Warimavute, G.

Geographical distribution