Pycnandra blanchonii (Aubrév.) Swenson & Munzinger


Niemeyera gatopensis (Guillaumin) T.D.Penn.Chrysophyllum gatopense Guillaumin

Red List Status -

Near Threatened (NT) , assessed in 10/05/2016

Protected species -

in Southern Province , in Northern Province

Pycnandra blanchonii is an endemic shrub of the northwestern part of Grande Terre in New Caledonia. It is found in shrubland at low and mid altitude on ultramafic substrate. The main impact identified comes from ongoing mining activities and bushfires. However natural regeneration is observed. Therefore, this species does not seem globally threatened. Its area of occupancy (AOO) and extent of occurrence (EOO) being respectively estimated to 84 and 1,113 km², Pycnandra blanchonii is considered Near Threatened (NT) close to VU B1ab(iii)+2ab(iii) with a decline of habitat quality and a number of locations close to 10.

Geographical area

Pycnandra blanchonii is endemic shrub of the northwestern part of Grande Terre, from Poum to Poya.


It is known from 12-14 subpopulations.


This species is found in shrubland at low and mid altitude (5-600 m asl.) on ultramafic substrate.


This species does not seem globally threatened. Some subpopulations may be threatened by mining activities: Tiebaghi (SLN), Ouazangou (NMC), Koniambo (KNS) and bushfires.


Pycnandra blanchonii is protected by legislation in Province Sud but does not occur in a protected area.


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Assessor(s): Amice, R., Dumontet, V., Fleurot, D., Vandrot, H., Veillon, J.

Reviewer(s): Gâteblé, G.

Contributor(s): Swenson, U., Munzinger, J.

Facilitator(s): Tanguy, V.

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