Cunonia bopopensis Pillon & H.C.Hopkins

Red List Status -

Vulnerable (VU) , assessed in 21/07/2016

Cunonia bopopensis is an endemic shrub/tree of the north of Grande Terre (restricted to massif du Tchingou) in New Caledonia. It is found in altitudinal forest on ultramafic substrate. Mining activities on Massif du Tchingou constitute a potential threat as well as climate change. Cunonia bopopensis is considered Vulnerable (VU) using criteria D2 because of its small area of occupancy (AOO) being estimated to 12 km².

Geographical area

This species is restricted to the summit of Mont Tchingou in northern Grande Terre.


This species is uncommon. It is known of a single population.


It is found in altitudinal forest (1,150-1,320 m asl) on ultramafic substrate.


This species does not seem directly threatened because of its altitudinal habitat. However, mining activities on Massif du Tchingou constitute a potential threat and climate change could be a potential threat for altitudinal species.


Unprotected by legislation, this species is not found in any protected area. It is recommended to better estimate population size. As the massif du Tchingou hosts several narrow-endemic species, it should be protected from potential mining activities.


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Assessor(s): Pillon, Y., Bruy, D., Butin, J., Fleurot, D., Gâteblé, G., Hequet, V., Letocart, D., Letocart, I., Tanguy, V., Tiavouane, J., Tron, F.

Reviewer(s): Fogliani, B.

Contributor(s): Fortune-Hopkins, H., Brinkert, M., Couhia, J.

Facilitator(s): Tanguy, V., Maura, J.

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