Pycnandra kouakouensis Swenson & Munzinger

Red List Status -

Vulnerable (VU) , assessed in 10/05/2016

Pycnandra kouakouensis is an endemic tree of New Caledonia, that grows up to 4 m tall. It is restricted to the summit of Mont Kouakoué. It is found in altitudinal forest on ultramafic substrate. Bushfires on Massif du Kouakoué constitute a potential threat. Pycnandra kouakouensis is considered Vulnerable (VU) using criteria D2 because of its small area of occupancy (AOO) being estimated to 12 km², with a potential threat that could drive it to Critically Endangered in a short period of time.

Geographical area

Pycnandra kouakouensis is endemic tree up to 4 m tall restricted to the summit of Mont Kouakoué.


This species is uncommon. It is known of a single population.


Pycnandra kouakouensis is found in dense humid forest on ultramafic substrate at an altitudinal range 1,150-1,300 m asl.


This species does not seem directly threatened because of its altitudinal habitat. However, evidence of fires has been observed there and constitute a potential threat.


Unprotected by legislation, Pycnandra kouakouensis occurs in one protected area: Massif du Kouakoué.


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Assessor(s): Cazé, H., Garnier, D., Goxe, J., Héquet, V., McCoy, S.

Reviewer(s): Gâteblé, G.

Contributor(s): Swenson, U., Munzinger, J.

Facilitator(s): Bernard-Musmann, M., Maura, J.

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