Leichhardtia kuniensis (Meve, Gâteblé & Liede) Liede, Gâteblé & Meve


Marsdenia kuniensis Meve, Gâteblé & Liede

Red List Status -

Near Threatened (NT) , assessed in 24/10/2019

Leichhardtia kuniensis is an endemic liana from New Caledonia where it is only known from Ile des Pins. This species occurs in low dense humid forest (0-15 m asl.) on calcareous substrates. A recent prospection was done at the north of Ile des Pins was done in March 2019 but without success. This species is not rare at the Oro/Upi area and it can only be seen in preserved forests. This species is does not seem to be threatened. However it may be impacted by feral pigs (Sus scrofa). Its Area of Occupancy (AOO) and Extent of Occurrence (EOO) are estimated at 8 and 8 km². However, these threats could quickly drive the species to Endangered in the future. Therefore, Leichhardtia kuniensisis listed as Near Threatened (NT) close to VU D2.

Geographical area

Leichhardtia kuniensis is an endemic species from New Caledonia only known from Ile des Pins.


Popualtion size is unknown.


Leichhardtia kuniensis occurs in low dense humid forest (0-15 m asl.) on calcareous substrates.


Currently, Leichhardtia kuniensis does not appear to be impacted by any specific threat but could be significantly affected by feral pigs (Sus scrofa).


Leichhardtia kuniensis is not protected by any legislation and does not occur in any protected areas of New Caledonia. Given our lack of knowlege about this species, it is highly recommended that field surveys are conducted and immediate conservation measures be taken.


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Assessor(s): Amice, R., Bruy, D., Butin, J., Cazé, H., Fleurot, D., Héquet, V., Lannuzel, G., Laudereau, C., Mandaoué, L., Vandrot, H.

Reviewer(s): Veillon, J.

Facilitator(s): Meyer, S., Gâteblé, G., Warimavute, G.

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