Gliophorus lilacipes E. Horak (1973)

Red List Status -


Pileus: convex becoming centrally depressed; 15 - 45 mm diameter; glabrous; glutinous; lilac green colours; margin striate.

Stipe: cylindrical; 20 - 60 × 2–5 mm; glabrous; glutinous; concolourous with pileus.

Gills: adnate to decurrent; moderately distant; lilac to greenish blue.

Flesh: deep lilac.

Spore print: white.

Spores: ellipsoid; 4.5 – 6  ×3 – 4.5 µm; smooth.

Notes: this species is recognized by its lilac and green colours and glutinous cap.

Patrick Leonard 2019

Geographical distribution