Russula roesopileata McNabb (1973)

Red List Status -


Cap: convex with a depressed centre; 20 - 45 mm diameter; glabrous; dusky pink; margin very slightly pectinate.

Stipe: cylindrical; 20 - 40 × 4 - 9 mm; glabrous; white with a pink base.

Gills: adnate; white; fragile; lamellulae absent.

Taste: slowly hot.

Spore print: white.

Spores: subglobose to ellipsoid; 10 – 12 × 9 - 11 µm; echinulate.

Cheilocystidia: clavate; prominent.

Notes: this collection is characterised by its small size, hot fragile flesh, dusky pink cap and white stipe with a pinkish flush. Sequencing suggests it is the same as R. roseopileata described from New Zealand.


Growing in wet sclerophyll forest, probably under Nothofagus.


NC 760619, Foret de Mont Do, Patrick Leonard, 10 June 2019.


McNabb R. F. R. (1973) Russulaceae of New Zealand 2. Russula. New Zealand Journal of Botany 11: 673 – 730.

Patrick Leonard text 2019

Jerry Cooper sequencing 2020

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