Coltricia cinnamomea (Jacq.) Murrill

Red List Status -


Cap: convex with a central depression, umbilicate; 15 - 30 mms diameter;fibrillose, silky, shiny, fibres erect in central portion;concentric bands cinnamon to chestnut; margin acute, fringed with strigose hairs.

Stipe: central, cylindrical with a sub bulbous base; 10 - 15 × 3 - 7 mms; tomentose; cinnamonbrown.

Pores: adnate; angular; 1 – 3 per mm; rusty to cinnamon brown.

Flesh: thin,tough. chestnut.

Spore print: yellowbrown.


Notes: This fungus is recognized by its silky shiny cinnamon coloured cap. Further data needed to determine if this is distinct from those found in Australia and elsewhere..

Patrick Leonard 2019

Geographical distribution