Lactarius aff. eucalypti O.K.Mill.& R.N.Hilton

Red List Status -


Cap: applanate to centrally depressed with a small dark umbo in the centre; 25 - 30 mm diameter; glabrous; reddish brown with a dark brown centre when mature

Stipe: cylindrical, tapering a little towards the base; 20 - 50 × 4 - 10 mm; glabrous, reddish brown.

Gills: decurrent; moderately crowded, pale red brown, flesh coloured, lamellulae present in two series.

Flesh: flesh coloured, not changing on exposure to air.

Milk: ochraceous, very hot.

Spore print: white.


Substrate: growing in sandy, gravelly soil.

Notes: The fungus is superficially like Lactarius eucalypti from Australia and Lactarius umerensis from New Zealand, in subgenus Russularia. But the somewhat ochraceous and hot tasting milk suggest that this is a distinct species. This is Lactarius sp 2 in Ducousso et al.

Patrick Leonard 2019

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