Polyporus arcularius (Batsch) Fr.

Red List Status -


Cap: low convex to slightly depressed in the center, circular; 20-50 (70) mm diameter; upper surface finely squamose, glabrous in age; yellow-brown, ochre-brown, light brown, often darker toward the center; margin slightly inrolled, sharp, fringed-bristly.

Stipe: central to somewhat eccentric, cylindrical; 15-40 × 3-7 mm, finely squamose, light brown, solid, base somewhat thickened.

Pores: honeycomb like; whitish, cream-colored; pores elongated and polygonal, coffin shaped; 1 - 2 × 0.5-1 mm;  smaller toward the margin, slightly decurrent.

Flesh: tough, leathery; cream-colored, 1-2 mm thick

Spore print: hyaline.


Notes: This fungus is recognized in the field by neat squamose cap and decurrent coffin shaped pores.It is widely distributed in the neotropics.

Patrick Leonard 2019

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