Pycnoporus coccineus (Bull. : Fr.) Bondarzew & Singer

Red List Status -


Cap: broad fan shaped bracket; sometimes fusing to form a long shelf; 30-50 mm radius; dry; smooth to slightly zoned; orange to scarlet when fresh, eventually fading to off-white, and sometimes becoming covered with green algae; with a thin edge.

Stipe: has a broad lateral attachment, which may be the full width of the fan.

Pores: tiny; 3-4 per mm and 1–3 mm deep; concolourous with upper surface, and retaining its colour after the upper surface has faded; narrow sterile rim (i.e. no pores at margin).

Flesh: tough, leathery to corky, orange to off-white to salmon, 1–8 mm thick.

Spore print: white.


Notes: This fungus is recognized by its orange scarlet coloured cap and pores. It is frequent on dry wood and persists through periods of drought. This fungus is also often recorded as P. cinnabarinus or P. sangineus, the taxonomy of this genus is not clearly defined. The latest opinion is that it should perhaps be moved to the genus Trametes. Sequencing confirms that this is Trametes coccineus.

Patrick Leonard text 2019

Jerry Cooper sequencing 2020

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