Calostoma fuscum (Berk.) Massee (1888)

Red List Status -


Fruiting body: an irregular subglobose puffball suspended on a stipe made up of vertical gelatinous threads; 20 – 30 mm diameter; glabrous, dark brown to almost black; at the apex it has a small cap which flakes off in one piece at maturityrevealing a 5 – 7 pointed star shaped pore with orange red margins.

Stipe: a column made up of glutinous vertical threads; 25 – 60 × 15 – 25; ochraceous brown; somewhat transluscent.

Spore print:.


Notes: this puffball is recognized by the combination of the strange stipe of agglutinated vertical threads, the star shaped apical opening with orange red margins and the cap that protects the apical pore which is shed in a single piece.

Patrick Leonard 2019

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