Launch of an Herbonautes mission about endemic genera from New Caledonia !

You can participate in this new project by signing up here!

Les Herbonautes is a collaborative project in which all users can help build a scientific database by reading the Paris herbarium labels. All herbarium specimens have been digitized in HD. Start at level 1 by reading the country of collection, then take a quiz to better know how to read the labels and which information is most valuable!

This new mission concerns 26 endemic genera from New Caledonia, ie they are only found there. Come and discover some truly unique species, like Daenikera corallina, a parasite that looks like pink coral, or Artia balansae, a vine whose flowers smell like gingerbread!

All the data gathered through this collaborative process will be of tremendous help to Endemia's work, establishing the Red list of threatened plants of New Caledonia! So put on your Sherlock Holmes hat, your glasses and help us decypher these herbarium labels!