Dierogekko baaba Skipworth, Jackman, Whitaker, Bauer & Sadlier, 2014

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Données insuffisantes (DD) , évaluée le 11/12/2017

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en Province Sud , en Province Nord



Ile Baaba au nord de la Grande-Terre

Dierogekko baaba is listed as Data Deficient because only one individual was observed in 2006 and it has not been seen since.

Aire géographique

Dierogekko baaba is endemic to Province Nord in New Caledonia. It is restricted to the Ile Baaba. The extent of occurrence (EOO) and the area of occupancy (AOO are estimated at 4 km2.


There is no information on population size or trends.


The only known specimen was collected at night as it foraged in the crown of a maquis shrub, low-growing woody maquis on a bouldery, peridotite surface, denser maquis paraforestier that bordered closed coastal forest on the valley floor.


The possible threats to Dierogekko baaba are the habitat loss and degradation from wildfires and introduced species (Jourdan 2006) such as deer, the predation pressure from rodents, the degradation from the invasive ant, Wasmannia auropunctata and the illegal collection and trafficking at accessible location.


This species is protected in Province Nord under Code de l'environnement de la Province Nord (Délibération No. 306-2008/APN, 24 October 2008). This species is not known in any reserve and no species-specific conservation management is currently being undertaken. Surveys are urgently needed in order to enhance this species knowledge and to be able to do a proper threat assessment.

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Assessor(s): Sadlier, R., Bauer, A., Jourdan, H., Astrongatt, S., Deuss, M., Duval, T., Bourguet, E., McCoy, S., Bouteiller, A., Lagrange, A.

Reviewer(s): Cox, N.

Contributor(s): Cassan, J., Jumel, M., Butin, J., Fleurot, D.

Facilitator(s): Lietar, J., Warimavute, G., Tanguy, V.

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